Music Day Insider is a platform by Relevance Festival to connect with our audience though workshops and panel discussions. We aim that our panelists are relevant and therefore able to give you an insight into the current electronic music scene.

On 11th February 2023 starting at 16:00 CET in Pumpehuset, Copenhagen.

Tia Korpe (She/Her) is the founder and director of Future Female Sounds. A non-profit organization and global community which works to empower, educate, and highlight female and gender minority DJs globally, and run programmes in 5 countries. Tia comes with 15 years of experience in the music and culture industry as an artist manager, booker, and independent consultant, dedicating her work life to creating opportunities and platforms for women and other marginalized groups within the music and culture industry. She is an expert in the field of DJing and gender, as well as community building and branding.

Tia’s work has been featured by the Economist, MTV, UNESCO, OKAYAFRICA, MIXMAG, NME MAGAZINE, NOWTHIS! and many more.

She is also a music industry mentor for the Keychange Programme.

Laia Canals Kverneland works as constituted General Manager at Tempi, formerly International Projects Manager, handling the export activities of Danish Roots Music artists and industry, as well as being an advisor in internationalization strategies for artists, companies and governments. 

Internationalization as a core, diversity as a motto, Laia’s work is behind projects all over the world, from Nordic partnerships to European projects, North America, South America, Australian and Asian initiatives. Aside, Laia participates in several Boards of Directors as The Nordic Folk Council,Nordic Folk Alliance and Lux Boreal Festival. 

Jesper Skibsby is the CEO of WARM (World Airplay Radio Monitor).

WARM was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2017 with a vision of building a global service, helping the independent music industry to get and understand their radio airplay data. Today WARM is only truly global covering radio airplay monitoring service in the music industry. WARM provides anyone with access to market intelligence insights and real-time data about their radio airplay.

Skibsby was brought in the independent music industry, and was a board member in DUP (association of independent record labels in Denmark) for 3 years and has bread and proven knowledge about music technology trends.

Lars Ettrup is Co-founder of Linkfire, Danish company whose aim is to simplify entertainment marketing.

Within the past 5 years Linkfire has become the standard link management platform for the music industry. Used by major label and thousands of artists on dialy basis, Linkfire helps billions of fans connect with their favourite artists and music.

Meike Nolte, Business Development Manager for b:electronic, the boutique global label and artist solutions division for electronic music powered by  Believe Music. Meike is responsible for defining and implementing the sourcing and acquisitions strategy for labels and artists within the electronic division. Utilising her extensive network, market analysis skills, and experience in label and artists relations, she identifies key labels and artists globally as potential signings for b:electronic roster.

Ever since establishing her synthpop duo with Jerry Olsen in 2014, Catrine Christensen has been aiming for electronic music to become more reorganised in Denmark through collaborations in Denmark and abroad. Catrine is now vice-chairwoman of genre organisation EMD (Electronic Music Denmark), role she fulfils by making sure that electronic music enthusiasts have the opportunity to connect with each other and get their work recognised. 

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